Communicate with our passengers

In a simple and effective way|With a modern solution|By geolocating your establishment|By sharing your greatest deals

Target your customers precisely and simply with our geolocation system installed in more than 300 vehicles.

Communicate effectively tomorrow in 300 vehicles !

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A digital business card

We create your personal business card with:

  • Your complete contact information
  • In-app navigation on your website
  • Viewing your youtube or standard video
  • Your opening hours
  • A photo gallery, with up to 5 photos
Publicité taxi

Geographic and temporal targeting

Your content is available to our passengers at the best moment

  • Your ads can be located around a specific point in Dubai
  • Display campaigns are defined in advance
  • The number of displays can be displayed during a predefined time interval

Ideal offers

Passengers conquered with attractive and targeted content

  • Create up to 10 great deals
  • You have the hand on the type of offer you want to make
  • Locate your offers whithin 500 meter
  • Schedule the display ads
  • Track conversion rates
  • Get the SMS/Email of interested prospects

Marketing data

We share all gathered datas in order to allow you a complete follow-up of your clients.

  • Get the SMS/email of the interested prospects
  • Contact them directly to let them know about your offers
  • Export your customer data to format CSV/EXCEL

Your personal dashboard

With your personal dashboard, access all of your data for complete tracking.

  • Number of interactions with your ads
  • Number of interactions with your company profile
  • Number of views of your ad
  • Nombre de visionnages de votre vidéo
  • Conversion rate for special offers

Adopted by more than 300 advertisers in Dubai.

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Geolocated ads


A targeted and accurate ad delivery


A satisfied and converted clientele

A 100% customized offer

Whether you are an independent or a large company, we have the perfect solution for you

Business Package

  • A square format ad of 1000x1000 pixels
  • A complete company profile
  • The in-app access of your website
  • In-app access to your corporate video
  • In-app access to your tripadvisor profil
  • Access to passenger datas
  • Full access to your statistics
  • Support team ready to answer all your questions


  • Broadcasts from 1 to 10 special offers
  • Geolocated offers
  • 30-second geo-localized video streaming
  • Broadcast advertising throughout Dubai
Customized Plan
100%custom made

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Questions / answers

Ask a question

How much does an advertizing campaign cost ?

The flexibility of our solution is one of our main assets to adjust to the advertizers’ needs, but on the other hand it makes it difficult to present packaged offers. Our offers can vary from 3000 AED to 20 times more depending on your expectations. Therefore, we offer advertizers to arrange a 20 minute meeting in order to leave them with a customised proposition

Nous proposons donc aux annonceurs de convenir d’un rendez-vous (environ 20 minutes) afin de laisser dans leurs mains, après étude, une offre totalement sur-mesure.

How do I proceed if I want to change my ad ?

All you need to do is give us a call or send an email. As of now there is no Advertizer access to our plateform for the purpose of content moderation, simplicity and even sometimes lack of time. For example, a restaurant would not necessarely want to have to manage yet another platform.

On how many vehicles will my ad be broadcasted ?

On the entirety of our equipped fleet of vehicles, unless you have advised us otherwise. Indeed, our solution enables you to select a type of vehicle on which you would like to have your ad broadcasted.

Is there an engagement period to a campaign ?

Depending on the type of campaign you have chosen, (geo targeted or not, video broadcast…) the periods can vary. This setting is to be defined with one of our representatives that will come meet you. Strictly from a technical perspective, we can launch your campaign from just a few minutes long to several years. It’s all up to you.

How do I know my campaign was effective ?

By contrast do print mediums (billboards, magazine articles, flyers…), we collect as much data as possible on your campaign. We hand you full statistical reports every trimester in order for you to determine the impact of your ad and measure the profitability.

You have a question ?

Any question, suggestion or comment about our advertiser solution ?

Do not hesitate to call us at +971 5 82 80 30 17

We will do our best to respond quickly.